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The Importance of a Mentor and How to Find One

Often times it is difficult to imagine how to get started investing in real estate. You know you want to do it but are uncertain of where to begin. If you are serious about building a portfolio you may want to consider finding a mentor. A mentor is someone who has experience and a proven track record. They have a large network of investors that they consistently partner with and have the resources to fast track not only your portfolio, but your knowledge of the business. Why risk making major mistakes on your own when you can take advantage of someone else's experience?

Where do you find a mentor? A great place to start is online (Bigger Pockets). Seek out popular real estate podcasts (TCI) and learn as much as you can. Search your city for local real estate clubs. Create a Bigger Pockets account and begin to make connections. Don't be afraid to ask other investors for help. From there, find a mentor in the niche you want to learn about and reach out to them.

Once you find a mentor you like, always make sure to be adding value to them. Successful investors are very busy. And time is money. Make sure your conversations are not one-sided. Always, always find a way to add value. How do you do this? Ask how you can promote their business. Ask how you help increase their network or sales. Ask how you can lighten their workload. There are endless creative ways you can be of value. And the more value you add, the more help you will receive.

Aside from mentors, there are also several networking/coaching groups you can join. Some are free, and some may come with a price. Both can be great options. Often times you get what you pay for and if you are looking to shorten your learning curve as quickly as possible a paid coach/networking group may be a good fit. Just make sure to do your research.

Joining a mentorship/networking club can provide many advantages. You will be introduced to a massive network of experienced real estate investors all hungry to make deals happen. You’ll be exposed to a network of professionals you can recruit to be on your team. You’ll gain access to tools that will help you find and analyze deals. Most importantly, networking groups will provide you with the education you need to succeed.

Whether you decide to join a paid coaching program, a free Meetup or free Facebook group. Make sure to be active and connect with others. Introduce yourself and start building relationships. Learn as much as you can and always provide value.

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