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Ever dream of becoming a real estate investor but weren’t sure how to get started? Good news, it isn’t as complicated as you may believe. Information is more accessible today than it has ever been in the history of humanity. All of the information you could ever need in order to jump into your real estate career is easily accessible. The information age has allowed us to learn new hobbies and professions at home and on our own time. Your age-old excuse for why you haven’t begun your real estate education is just that…. an excuse.

Books, Podcasts, articles, and blogs are just some of the few resources that are available to you. These resources will teach you everything from mindset to syndicating your very own multifamily apartment deal. There are countless books out there that cover every subject imaginable around real estate. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and can be extremely handy when you want to learn on the go. You can listen to blogs while driving, cooking, cleaning and going to the gym just to name a few. You may not have time to sit down and read every night but you certainly have time to listen to a podcast. Educating yourself in the world of real estate has never been more feasible than today. Your real estate dreams can become your reality and that’s exactly what our guest Greg Scott accomplished.

Greg Scott is a family man from Michigan who went from being a corporate employee at an automotive company to an active real estate syndicator in the span of a few years. It all started with a desire to learn. Greg was met with a difficult decision in the early 2000’s when his company started experiencing massive layoffs due to the country’s financial crisis. Greg was concerned that he would be swept up in the wave and decided to turn to real estate as another source of income. Greg began his education by reading books and listening to podcasts. Working 60-80 hours a week, it was difficult for Greg to find time to study but he was committed to make it work. Greg would listen to podcasts on his commute to work every morning. Eventually, Greg joined a local real estate investing club where he was able to network and make connections with professionals in the area.

The books, the podcasts, and all of the references and connections that Greg was able to make through his networking events eventually led him to his first real estate investments. What started as a book and a podcast led Greg to a flip and then a buy and hold single family property. Shortly after that Greg was investing passively in large multifamily apartment buildings. Currently, Greg is sponsoring his own multifamily apartment deal. For Greg, it all started with a book and a desire to learn. If you take away anything from this blog let it be this, you don’t need an expensive degree from a top university in order to achieve success. All the tools you need in order to make your jump into the world of real estate investing are easily accessible.

“Everyday do something, even if it’s small to progress you towards your goal. Do the learning and then actually apply it. Just do something and get moving forward.”- Greg Scott

Listen to episode 27 (listen on iTunes) to hear Greg’s full story and be sure to visit our resource section (TCI Resources) for some of our favorite books and podcasts to get you started.

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